The existing golf cart paths through the site are being retained for walking trails.

Community feedback received in August 2018 suggested a range of possible uses as part of North Lakes Common:

Playing fields
Revegetation for the benefit of fauna
Educational opportunities

The Village Retirement Group has undertaken a range of community engagement activities over the past three years to shape the design for the reuse of North Lakes Common.

New education facilities and a town park for the North Lakes community were identified among the many needs raised by stakeholders in this process.

The Village Retirement Group is now preparing to seek Queensland Government approval for an independent school through a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID).

The MID process is a consolidated, whole-of-government response to evaluating critical infrastructure which creates and connects our communities and underpins a productive economy and our quality of life.

The features of the proposed school development are:

• Prep to Year 12
o Multiple classrooms and staff facilities of two and three storeys, and provision of sporting fields and car and bicycle parking
o Catering for up to 1,700 students (800 primary and 900 secondary) and 132 staff (53 primary and 79 secondary)
• Built on an 8.6 hectare site
• Vehicles (cars, buses, and bicycles) will enter and exit the site from the Endeavour Boulevard and Archer Close roundabout
o Making use of the existing bus network (routes 668, 684, 685, 687, 688, 689)
o 488 bicycle parks and 230 car parking spaces (114 short term) to be provided

The Infrastructure Designation decision-making process includes a period of Formal Public Notification during which any interested party can make a submission to the Queensland Government, and TVRG proposes to conduct further community engagement later this year as part of this process.

Cycle trails for BMX/Mountain-biking
Community gardens
Wedding venue/bushland chapel
Picnic areas, including BBQ facilities and toilets
Children’s playground
Exercise equipment

The project team is interested in developing community partnerships to ensure the space is well-used by North Lakes residents.