The Proposal

What is the North Lakes Common proposal?

The closure of North Lakes Resort Golf Club on 11 August 2019 provided an opportunity to create North Lakes Common - 47 hectares of open space in the heart of the community.

There is an opportunity for a range of options that engages the community in active outdoor pursuits and nature play.

That could be parklands, community gardens, cycling and cross country facilities, sports fields and educational opportunities but the project team is open to feedback on what you think might be a good fit.

Contact us to send through your ideas.

The creation on North Lakes Common can also provide strong environmental outcomes – better fauna habitat and better quality water flowing into Lake Eden and Hays Inlet.

North Lakes Common will be an asset for local schools, sporting clubs and the general community.

What measures are in place to ensure the open space remains open?

TVRG is exploring the options for the land to be in public ownership with Moreton Bay Regional Council to ensure it is preserved.

What uses are permitted by the council sector plan?

There are a range of uses that are permitted under the existing planning legislation and do not require approval. These include park and outdoor recreation.

Within these two defined uses, there are many forms of activities that are permitted to occur without any further approval from the council, such as outdoor recreation including sports activities, riding schools, open-air recreation including organised sporting activities of educational institutions, kiosks, band stands, outdoor amphitheatres, picnic areas and the various requirements to support these uses such as car parking areas, structures and paths.

Council has the power to approve uses on the subject land by way of code and impact assessable uses.

Community Opportunities

Will the Common lead to environmental benefits?

Yes. The proposal can provide a range of water quality improvements and improved fauna habitat. The plan is to create a corridor of koala habitat through the site.

Rehabilitated waterways would help contribute to better recreational opportunities by improving water quality and ecological habitat.

Currently, there are persistent infestations of the invasive water weed, Salvinia molesta, through the ponds on the site.

This is contributing to water quality problems, especially in Lake Eden.

Lake Eden could become a healthier and more valued community asset – potentially suitable for canoeing and other recreational activities.

What’s the plan for the existing fauna (kangaroos, koalas and birdlife)?

The plan is to enhance the existing vegetation to provide wildlife habitat.

What are social benefits to the community?

We believe the creation of North Lakes Common will ensure that North Lakes continues to offer a great lifestyle for residents and can be an asset for the whole community for the long-term.

That could be parklands, community gardens, cycling and cross country facilities and sporting fields but the project team is open to feedback on what the community thinks might be a good fit.

Contact us to send through your ideas.

Retirement Living and Aged Care

What is the development proposal?

From the current 68 hectares of the former golf course, 12 hectares is proposed to accommodate retirement living and aged care by The Village Retirement Group (TVRG) on two separate sites.

How big will the buildings be?

TVRG is proposing to develop 245 single-storey independent living units and a single-storey 120-bed aged-care facility.

The density of the development is consistent with the surrounding residential area.

What road changes and new car parks are proposed?

A number of new entrances are planned to allow the community access to North Lakes Common precincts along with car parking areas. The location and size of these will be dependent on the type of activities and facilities the community envisages for the site.

The retirement village component of the proposed development would be accessed via Bridgeport Drive in the same location as the existing clubhouse.

The aged-care facility would be accessed via a new driveway located on Copeland Drive..

What will be the impact on traffic in the area?

That would depend on what activities and facilities are included on the Common.

Traffic volume associated with the completed retirement village is expected to increase by 210 vehicles per day on Bridgeport Drive and 90 vehicles per day on Copeland Drive on weekdays. There is expected to be a small reduction of traffic on Saturday on both roads while on Sunday there is expected to be an increase of 40 vehicles per day on Bridgeport Drive and 20 vehicles per day on Copeland Drive.

The proposed aged-care facility would generate around 150 vehicle movements per day.

What earthwork fill will be needed to deal with the floodplains?

Appropriate engineering to provide flooding resilience and improved water quality of water entering wetlands and Lake Eden is an important part of the planning.

Will any revegetation be a bushfire risk?

Planting the correct species, appropriate management and the use of buffer zones will minimise the risk of bush fires.

Is there a need for retirement and aged-care accommodation in the area?

Census data shows current population of people aged over 70 within in a 10km radius of North Lakes is 49,944.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects this to grow by 55 per cent by 2026 to 77,486, indicating a strong need for both retirement and aged-care accommodation.

Neighbouring Property

What will this do to my property’s value?

The project team understands that the golf course contributed to the community amenity and views for neighbouring properties.

The Village Retirement Group has a plan to maintain the land and most properties with golf course frontage will continue to have green vistas.

The objective is that North Lakes Common will provide exceptional community amenity and assist with neighbouring property values.


What about jobs in the future if the proposal goes ahead?

It’s anticipated employment opportunities will exist with the development and maintenance of the North Lakes Common. The scope of any job opportunities will become available when the plan for the Common is fully developed.

If the proposal is successful The Village Retirement Group aged-care facility will generate 75  jobs during construction, with at least 100 jobs created for the operation of the facility. The retirement living facilities are likely to generate in excess of 130 jobs in the construction phase and 15 ongoing jobs across management and maintenance.

The Village Retirement Group

Who is TVRG?

The Village Retirement Group is a Queensland-owned company that builds retirement living facilities for active retirees.

TVRG has a reputation for quality developments and a demonstrated ability to deliver, with five thriving communities in Coorparoo, Redcliffe, Taigum, Toowoomba and Yeronga.

Architecturally designed, its villages have been recognised nationally by the Urban Development Institute of Australia, winning the Best Seniors Living Award and the UDIA President’s Award in 2015.

Visit TVRG’s website here.

Have TVRG made political donations?

Contributions were made by TVRG to the Moreton Futures Trust. These contributions were made and declared by TVRG in accordance with the relevant legislation at the time of the donation.